Electrical Safety Technical Standards – NTC. TS. 4001 – 2007

Technical standards for telecommunication equipment

NTC. TS. 4001 – 2007

Electrical Safety Technical Standards

1. Scope

This technical standard specifies the minimum technical characteristics for electrical safety of telecommunication equipment and certain types of equipment. It is required to comply with the product standard.

Industry Information technology equipment only in terms of safety Standard no. TIS. 1561 – 2548 or ther standards that are comparable not lower than those standards.

Electrical Safety Technical Standards according to the industrial product standard no. TIS 1561 – 2548 defines the required characteristics to ensure the safety of workers, the general public and maintenance staff that may come into contact with Information Technology Equipment:

ITE, which includes telecommunication equipment and telecommunication terminal equipment, which was designed and intended to be connected to a telecommunication network. This is the part that the service user can do.

Self-installation complies with the scope and definitions set forth in the aforementioned industrial standard.

2. List of telecommunication equipment and equipment which must show compliance with the standard

  • Telephone set
  • Facsimile equipment
  • Key telephone system
  • Modem
  • Data terminal equipment
  • PABX
  • xDSL equipment