Wireless device certification

To sell and use the equipment that emits radio waves in Thailand, you need to get the certification of the The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC).

Authentication is classified into three classes depending on the radio application and the characteristics of radio waves.

  • ClassA
  • ClassB
  • SDoC

Activio Service

We offer consulting and application service to you to get NTC or NBTC certificate in the most convenient ways. We help you to optimize your application by arranging faster and cost-effective testing laboratory. We help you about self-declaration procedure. Our services will ensure you will get your products certified or registered so that you will be able to sell your products in provided time frame. Lead time

Estimate lead-time to complete certification is around 2-3 weeks. For SDoc submission, estimate lead time to complete registration is within 3 days.

Required information for NTC or NBTC certification

  • Application form in Thai language (We will arrange on this section for you)
  • Technical documents of products such as
    • Catalog
    • Brochure
    • Photos
    • Technical specification
    • Operation manual
    • Service manual
    • Circuit Diagram
  • Test reports (e.g. RF, EMF/SAR, safety test reports)
  • Other related documents

Who requires to apply NTC or NBTC application?

  • Manufacturers, importers, traders, retailers or advertisers (local/overseas)
  • The applicants shall provide the local representative in Thailand.
  • Applicant wishes to submit applications shall be “Local Representative” having a “Suppliers Code” and submitting in Thai language only.)


If you would like to obtain wireless device certification, please describe the wireless device introduction page (URL) in the form below and click the submit button.