IoT Solutions

facility monitoring


  • Monitor temperature and vibration of facilities constantly to detect abnormalities before malfunction
  • Long range wireless (920MHz) covers wide area and reduce facility monitoring cost (NBTC wireless certified)
  • Attaching to facilities easily with strong magnet
  • Less wire work with battery powered wireless sensor
  • Battery life is more than 3 years, and can be replaced easily
  • Introducing cost from 99,800THB

Operation monitoring

  • Cloud based operation monitoring system
  • Visualize operation status in detail, to improve machine availability and plant productivity
  • Monitoring of existing facilities is possible
  • No network equipment and less wire work with 3G mobile network
  • Introducing cost from 800,000THB. Monthly fee is from 25,000THB

Flow line tracking


  • Trend analysis of the flow of visitors of large commercial facilities and people at the event site
  • Report the congestion, movement, stay time, and repeat count trends by area
  • Just install a wireless sensor in each area
  • There is no need for membership registration, installation of applications, possession of tags, etc.


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