MCI middleware (Middleware for Machine Condition Inspection)

A software system that helps monitor and control the performance or condition of machines

  • Reduces difficulty in case sensor data is too varied. It is not easy to manage with monitoring if stored all in one place.
  • Generate automatic summary reports to reduce the process of making documents, weekly reports or monthly summary reports.
  • Supports data processing such as sensor calibration, automatic sensor data transformation.
  • More convenient when receiving notifications via LINE Notify or Email. It also can be used with accessories such as Tower Lamp.
  • Support various sensor in both type and brand. For examples,
    • Power​ meter​
    • Temperature sensor
    • Humidity sensor
    • Vibration sensor
    • etc
  • Work with Data Visualization and Dashboard
    • Grafana is a popular free dashboard creation tool. The program references data from various sources such as Graphite, InfluxDB, OpenTSDB or Elasticsearch. It is helpful to design a Dashboard that can create many charts according to users needs.