Smart Agriculture Movement in Vietnam

The Fourth Industrial Revolution has seen a boom in breakthrough technologies and affected every sector, including agriculture.

The changes require Vietnam’s traditionally strong agricultural sector to implement smart agriculture solutions for farmers if it does not want to lose its markets.

Hoàng Quang Phòng, vice chairman of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry emphasized the importance of applying IoT devices in agriculture at a conference on hi-tech agriculture.

In March 2017, they organized IOCV (IoT Open Community of Viet Nam) in Vietnam. IOCV has 21 companies including information and technologies, and their purpose is to solve the problem for agriculture.

For example, Wala company run Delco smart farm. They can watch, plant, and farm automatically. In the past, 20 – 30 workers were needed to do above work, but using IoT devices, only 5 workers were needed.

Other companies, using IoT technologies to grow up melon and chicken. They use sensor to check the quality of products.

Recently, Vietnam support IT companies not only domestic, but also foreign companies. Foreign companies also can get tax reduction.

Vietnam has strong passion for IoT technologies. Also Vietnam is a big agricultural country, they think agriculture has a high affinity to IoT technologies. That’s why they may be eager to do smart agriculture.

They may want to export every IoT technologies about agriculture in the future.