“FlowLineTracker” is a service that uses the WiFi sensor to visualize the situation of visitors to facilities.
This service reports “congestion situation”, “average staying time”, “movement trendy between area”, “repeat visit rate”, and so on in the facility.

Use Place

    • Event Site (at the exhibition, concert, etc)
    • Shopping Center
    • Theme park
    • Sightseeing spot

The Effect Obtained by the Report

    • Placement of personnel according to congestion situation
    • Conduct attraction events at optimum time and place
    • Setting area price by congestion situation
    • Changing the arrangement of aisles and shops according to flow trends

Report Content

    • Congestion status by area and hour

    • Average stay time by area

    • Movement tendency between areas

    • Repeat visitor rate

Required Equipment

The service is started just by installing the WiFi sensor and connecting it to the power supply.
Services can be provided anywhere.


  • Per WiFi sensor : 6,980 THB / month –
* WiFi sensor is required for the number of areas you need.
* It must be used for a minimum of 6 months. (In the case of short-term use, we will estimate separately)
* Actual expenses necessary for installing the WiFi sensor is charged.

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