e-FUJIYAMA is facility monitoring support system which monitors temperature and vibration of facilities to detect abnormality before malfunction. Therefore it can reduce factory shutdown risk and facility maintenance cost.

  • Monitor temperature and vibration of facilities constantly to detect abnormalities before malfunction
  • Long range wireless (920MHz) covers wide area and reduce facility monitoring cost (NBTC wireless certified)
  • Attaching to facilities easily with strong magnet
  • Less wire work with battery powered wireless sensor
  • Battery life is more than 3 years, and can be replaced easily
  • Introducing cost from 99,800 THB

e-FUJIYAMA system structure

e-fujiyama system structure

  • Sensor BOX
Sensor Box
Power input Alkaline D battery x 2
Wireless communication 920 – 923MHz
Battery life 3 years in case 3 min cycle (approx.)
Operating temp. *2 0 to 40℃
External dimensions 108 x 178 x 74mm
Weight 650g (including battery)
* Sensor part
Sensor Temperature and Acceleration sensor x 2
Cable 5m x  2 (Heat and Oil residence)
External dimensions 22 x 46 x 22mm
Operating temp. *2 -40 to 105℃
* Temperature sensor
Measurement range -40 to 105℃
* Acceleration sensor
Frequency band X, Y-axis=2.6kHz, Z-axis=600Hz
Measurement range -16 to 16G
Measurement value Peak, RMS, Crest factor
  • Receiver
Power input AC100 to 240V
Wireless communication 920 – 923MHz
Measurement cycle 3, 5, 10, 15, 60 min
Communication Range *1 indoor: 100m, outdoor: 1km (approx.)
Maximum number of sensor box 30min cycle: 30pcs, 60min cycle: 600pcs
Maximum number of receiver 20pcs / monitoring PC
Operating temp. *2 0 to 40℃
External dimensions 129 x 138 x 32 mm (excluding antenna)
Weight 250g
  • Recommended monitoring PC specification
OS Windows 10, 8, 7 (32bit, 64bit)
RAM 4GB or higher
HDD free space 250GB or higher
Reference Price
Product Name Unit Reference Price Remarks
Receiver 1pcs Open
Sensor Box 1pcs Open
Receiver, Sensor Box Set 1set 98,000THB Receiver x 1pcs, Sensor Box x 1pcs
Monitoring PC 1pcs 60,000THB Monitoring software is pre-installed
Setup fee 1day 30,000THB ex. Installation on site, System configuration, etc..
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